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Amber and its Benefits

At Amber Bay we have a wide selection of Amber Teething Jewellery including elasticated bracelets, necklaces and bracelets with a screw catch for extra security.

Amber is a homeopathic product which has been used over centuries for natural pain relief. Amber is very lightweight and thus ideal for using on children in either bracelet or necklace form. It is said to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system whilst proving a calming effect to the wearer without the use of medication. It is particularly good at alleviating teething pain and has been essential to some Mother's peace and quiet.

Amber is also very good for Adults. Baltic Amber contains succinic acid which is released into the bloodstream through the skin, it is said to help improve immunity and as it is also very appealing to the eye why not wear a piece? Alongside this it is also said to provide a calming influence and help with anxiety and stress. It has actually been scientifically proven to contain  3-8% of Succinic Acid which is commonly used in contemporary medicine. Amber is also believed to help protect the wearer against negative electrical forces such as computers and mobile phones.

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