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5 Top Picks for The New Year...

As a New Year starts, is it time to re vamp the wardrobe? Out with the Old and in with the New? We have popped together 5 of our more popular items for the New You..

Number 1 has to be the new timepiece. Bering have seen a big increase in popularity over the past 12 months and this is set to continue into 2017.

This Ladies Ceramic Watch with Sapphire Crystal is sure to make an impression, and for Gentlemen this simple but Classic Bering Leather Strap Watch, still with Sapphire Crystal.

Amber Bay Bering Ceramic Ladies Watch   Amber Bay Bering Leather Strap Watch

Perhaps number 2 should be a piece from the extensive Clogau Gold Collection and with up to 50% off at the moment, there has not been a better time.

Clogau Gold at Amber Bay                Clogau Gold Am Byth at Amber Bay

At number 3 this Seahorse Pendant is set in sterling silver and made from Baltic Amber. A statement piece....

Amber Seahorse at Amber Bay

At Number 4 its time to start stacking!!

Silver Bangles, plain or patterned, hammered or polished, layer them up for a great look over long sleeves.

Silver Slave Bangle at Amber Bay                     Silver Hammered Bangle at Amber Bay             Silver Patterned Bangle at Amber Bay

Last on our top 5 picks for the New Year is a Splash of Colour. These Super Silver Studs in Opalique and Abalone are great for brightening up your day.

Silver Opalique Studs at Amber Bay                                        Silver Opalique Studs at Amber Bay

                                          Silver Abalone Studs at Amber Bay

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