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A Splash of Colour....

bangle colour dragonfly earrings leaf pendant seahorse titanium

As the skies turn grey and the days get shorter how about brightening up your jewellery box!?!

Coloured Titanium is both fun to wear and as the metal itself is so durable, you can keep wearing it day after day. We have a wide range available including earrings, pendants and bangles, here is a snippet.

Coloured Titanium Leaf Drop Earrings    Coloured Titanium Leaf Pendant 

A stunning leaf shaped set in the purple/blue coloured titanium. As titanium is so light weight it is really easy to wear.

Coloured Titanium Dragonfly Earrings          Coloured Titanium Seahorse Earrings

 Dragonfly or Seahorse? 

Coloured Titanium Bangle  

This bangle is so simple but, very effective. Coloured titanium slave style bangle.

There will be more designs and colours loaded to the website over the next few days, bring colour back to your day! 

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