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Clogau Gold Arrives on our Website

It is with the very greatest of pleasure that I can announce Clogau Gold is now available through our website!

To enjoy browsing through their entire catalogue or simply checking an item seen inside our store, please click on either the Clogau Gold header, the Clogau Gold Slide or here:

We are delighted to be an official Clogau Gold Stockist both in our store and now online. With jewellery such as this gorgeous necklace who can resist?

   "The iconic Tree of Life® collection symbolises the relationship of all life on Earth. A combination of berries, leaves and vines represent new life forms that intertwine and evolve from the old, creating ever more beautiful designs with an elegant and organic style.

The Tree of Life® sapphire glass inner charm pendant expresses the infinite power and beautiful continuity of nature. Containing rare Welsh gold, the gold of Royalty for over 100 years, the silver and rose gold floating glass pendant is set with sublime white topaz and pink sapphires."

The Tree of Life Collection covers necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets so it is possible to build up an entire set. This is quite common through the Clogau Gold range and the Celebration Collection has been the most popular set sold in our store.


"Life's momentous occasions are made all the more meaningful when celebrated with those you care about and raising a toast wishing love, luck and happiness. The inspiration behind this elegant and contemporary design draws on the captivating and exquisite bubbles in a glass of champagne – the perfect complement to any celebration. Set with sparkling white topaz, this silver and rose gold Clogau Celebration collection is the perfect accessory to any outfit."

Don't forget to keep looking as Clogau are also known for holding promotions both on the website and also in store which enables you to receive a free gift!

(More details on the latest promotion to come)

We shall leave you for now to enjoy the collection, please remember to get in touch if you have any questions:

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