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New Arrivals - Birth Flower Collection

New to arrive in store and online is the Birth Flower Collection.

Each month there is a different flower associated, similar to the birthstones (which we also feature). All of the birth flowers we stock are made from sterling silver with either yellow or rose gold plate. 

Which flower are you.....

January - Snowdrop                                              February - Violet

January Snowdrop pendant    February Violet Pendant


March - Daffodil                                                 April - Daisy

March Daffodil Pendant         April Daisy Pendant


May - Lily of the Valley                                           June - Rose

May Lily of the Valley Pendant         June Rose Pendant

 July - Water Lily                                             August - Poppy

 July Water Lily Pendant        August Poppy Pendant


September - Aster                                                      October - Marigold

September Aster Pendant           October Marigold Pendant

November - Chrysanthemum                            December - Holly

November Chrysanthemum Pendant            December Holly Pendant

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