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Special Edition Swanage Sign Post Pendant !

jurassic coast necklace pendant Reeves and reeves silver south coast path swanage

We are so lucky to have our very own Sterling Silver Swanage Sign Post Necklace made for us here at Amber Bay. Reeves and Reeves produce a similar necklace with the Jurassic Coast engraved on the front and we enquired as to the likelihood of them producing the design for our very own Swanage! 


As you can see from the photo this is a double sided pendant and it does also come with an extendable silver chain. The front has Swanage engraved down the sign post and then Old Harry Rocks and Durdle Door engraved on the arrows. On the reverse you can also see we have Jurassic Coast engraved. This necklace is perfect for all those who love Swanage and the Jurassic Coast, perhaps even as a celebration of walking this part of the South Coast Path.

 This is an exclusive design to us here at Amber Bay so, please note you can only purchase on our website or in store. Each Necklace will arrive in its very own special box direct to your door via our website. 

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