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Meditation or Spinning Rings Arrive at Amber Bay

As the weather has most certainly heated up and we are all relaxing by the pool ( we wish! ) how about a little me time?

We have just created a new collection on our website for the Spinning Rings or Meditation Rings. These are hand crafted from sterling silver with brass and copper "spinning" elements. There are a variety of styles to suit all tastes ranging from wide statement bands to smaller more discreet pieces.

Sterling Silver Spinning Ring Amber Bay

The theory behind the Spinning Ring is the repetition of spinning each ring calms your nerves and releaves the stress of everyday life. The joy of this being in a ring on your finger is that no one else will know what you are doing. A stressful meeting? Pop on one of the more discreet rings and spin until you feel more in control.

Sterling Silver Spinning Band Narrow Amber Bay

The first date? Make a statement! The beauty of combining metals means that you do not have to worry about matching with an outfit or other jewellery, everything will complement. If there is a quiet moment, take control and feel the rings moving before starting a new conversation.

Sterling Silver Spinning Ring Amber Bay

Beautifully detailed, these rings truly are a special piece of jewellery as well as providing the wearer with an easy way to help control stress. Available in a variety of sizes, we keep a few in stock but, can order in at a moments notice.

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